Fan Made Central Bank

A Brief Background

FMCB and the Fan Made Dollar (FMD)

FMD, or Fan Made Dollar, is the official virtual currency used on ThisIsFanMade. While no item on the platform has a price you must pay to obtain, it is expected of members to “pay” with FMD whenever they download other user’s variants / expansions.

How To Obtain FMDs

Upon registration, users receive a starting amount of 25 FMD by the FMCB (Fan Made Central Bank) to spend as they wish. As you become involved in the community, you will receive additional funds for your contribution. Actions which will reward you with FMDs are displayed below:

Instance Amount Limit
FMD for logging in 5 Maximum once per day
FMD for registering as designer 10 Maximum once in total
FMD for publishing a variant 25 No limit

Exchanging FMDs for Real Money – version 3.0

In the next version of ThisIsFanMade (scheduled for early April) contributor members will be able to exchange their FMD’s for real cash, and withdraw funds to their bank account. This enormous update will shape how members view the Fan Made Dollar as the virtual currency will finally have a real value.

While the new version will surely make ThisIsFanMade more interesting, there are a few big questions that need to be answered first. For example, how will the FMCB adapt to the new system? Since the Federal Reserve has a limited amount of FMDs in the bank, there will come a time when the vault will empty. What happens then? Do we fill it up by initiating new FMDs? If so, how many? Will it be an occurring amount every month at the same date? These things may seem unimportant, but since we’re talking about real money, we need to prepare and plan this right.

Another thing that needs to be discussed is where will the real money come from? At the moment, the plan is to create a real bank account for the FMCB and to use contributor’s subscription fees as the real money. Naturally, the exchange rate will be affected by the amount of FMDs in circulation and the real money held in the FMCB bank account. These two factors will require a custom exchange calculator- something that needs to be done too.

While the new version brings dozens of issues to plan for, it will take ThisIsFanMade to a whole new level. Designers and creators will be able to make a small profit for the time they spent creating their variants, and good content will become much more crucial. A bad game will simply not attract users and their FMDs.

Excited? Scared? Worried? Good, that means you’re fascinated. We’ll do our best to share details and keep you up to date with new information. Until then, happy gaming!