Big Board Editions for Terraforming Mars

2021-03-19 07:56:33

Take your Terraforming Mars games to the next level with these three big board versions of  Tharsis, Hellas and Esylium, and a new custom designed map: “Utopia Planita” 

The artwork on these boards is highly professional and matches the original game’s graphics. The custom board Utopia unveils some interesting details, particularly the location of its oceans which makes finding places for new cities and greeneries challenging. While fan-made content usually comes with its own set of rules to remember, this one had zero new rules, simply new maps to play with.

The PnP files include all boards and tokens/markers, so you can easily print it at home. You can find the variant’s page and files on ThisIsFanMade here:  Terraforming Mars Boards

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