Announcement: Gamification of ThisIsFanMade!

2021-04-05 18:30:33

At last! Fully integrated with the website and ready to start working is the gamification feature we’ve been working on for the past month. As of today, 05/04/2021, all variants and expansions are published with an FMD value. FMDs were introduced a couple of weeks ago, together with the FMCB (Fan Made Central Bank) reserve. In order to boost engagement between users and the website, we decided all user content will have a “price tag” in order to access. To download variants, you’ll have to transfer an amount of FMDs to the creator of the content, which will in return grant you access to the file link. Once ran out, you’ll have various ways to stock up with new FMDs (for example: publishing content, logging in, registering as a designer, and more…)

We had a number of intentions in mind when adding this feature. The first one is the multiple downloads users were making once registered. There’s nothing wrong with some excitement to see what people are creating, but downloading everything on the site and then leaving is something we don’t want to encourage. By restricting access to content with FMDs, users will be able to download only a handful of games at a time.

Our second intention was increasing engagement with other users. By checking the transfer history, you can see who’s sending you funds. Knowing who’s interested by your work can lead to users messaging each other and starting conversations.

Lastly, we’ve always wanted ThisIsFanMade to be a sort of “central station” for fan made content. As part of the experience, we thought it could be fun to make it actually feel like a trading station, where people publish content, earn FMDs for their work, and engage with each other. So far, we’re very pleased with our work.

See you on the tabletop field!

ThisIsFanMade Team

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