Fan Made Central Bank


Federal Reserve Balance

Federal Reserve Transfers (gains / losses)

Top 20 Account Balances
FMD Distribution Table
Instance Amount Limit
FMD for logging in 5 Maximum once per day
FMD for registering as designer 10 Maximum once in total
FMD for publishing a variant 25 No limit
FMD Transfers History
FMCB-1FMD for new Page
Tomer1FMD for new Page
FMCB-5FMD for logging in
tester5FMD for logging in
FMCB-2FMD for viewing Expansion Posts
tester2FMD for viewing Expansion Posts
Tomer-1Transfer of FMD to FMCB
FMCB1Transfer of FMD from Tomer
tester-1Transfer of FMD to FMCB
FMCB1Transfer of FMD from tester