Balanced Sanctuary: Wingspan fan expansion

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Recently we saw another fan-built campaign based around Wingspan. It was called ‘The Nature Preserve’ and was put together by Todd Sattersten and Amy Buckley. If you have not yet played ‘The Nature Preserve’, you should probably look it up and do that first! We downloaded their campaign instructions, and played through the campaign multiple times, enjoying it immensely. Nate, our elementary aged son, was exhilarated and fascinated with the mechanics of cumulative games and campaigns. He immediately wanted to build his own once we had played the campaign. Many ideas were talked through, many more discarded, and a few were tested. In the end, we combined the five best rounds into this campaign. We had enjoyed the card draft and concept of playing through the whole deck before shuffling in again, and included those mechanics from ‘The Nature Preserve’. Game objectives and scoring are different, but should not be hard to understand.

The campaign is built around problems, from acquiring funding to dealing with environmental hazards, that could affect your ability to build a healthy sanctuary. Each game is different, and appeals to a different player. Kat likes the bountiful ‘Pesticide Problems’ round, Joel likes the cooperative aspect of the ‘Rodent Invasion’, and Nate is always really excited for the imminent danger of the ‘House cats’ round. We hope you enjoy the new rounds and challenges as well!



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10 Double-Sided White Foam Board (20 x 30 x 3/16 inch)


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Average rating 5 / 5. Vote count: 1

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