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Bug Reports / Technical Issues

If you have found a bug or need help with a technical issue, send an email with- “technical issue/bug” as the subject,
followed by the description of the problem in the email body to

My Board Game Brand Isn’t On The Authorized List

If you have a game which ThisIsFanMade isn’t authorized to display, send an email with- “require brand permission: [the name of the brand]”
as the subject to

Feature Your Game

As of February 2021 ThisIsFanMade is partnered with a number of other websites (There Will Be Games, Punchboard Media) and is
looking for interesting games to write an article about. All articles are featured on ThisIsFanMade, and the very best are published
on the websites ThisIsFanMade is an associate of.
How To Get My Game Featured?
Our basic article template contains these details:
1. What new elements does your game bring to the original one? 
2. What new challenges will players encounter? 
3. How did you develop the game? With whom did you play test it? 
4. What kind of audience is your game designed for? 

If you have additional information you’d like to add, please do! The more information, the better your article will be.

For emails regarding getting your game featured, send an email with- “I want my game featured” as the subject to