About ThisIsFanMade

A website dedicated to fan made content

ThisIsFanMade is a platform that hosts UNOFFICIAL fan made variants for board games. As a visitor you can search and read user variants. However once joined as a member, you can upload your own content, download others’ and help designers get feedback by rating their variants.

The purpose of the platform is to help tabletop gamers find variants easily, and give “homebrew” designers a place to publish their creative ideas. In a number of clicks you can easily find variants for a game, its files, and additional information like; rating, no. of downloads, images, and more.


Share Your Creations on ThisIsFanMade

Once registered, you can publish your own games on the website by using highly detailed forms which allow you to add as many information you want. And don’t worry, you’ll always be able to go back and edit your submissions.

Fan Made Board Games Library

Search ThisIsFanMade’s board game collection by typing the name of the original game. Then filter your search by specifying the category, weight, and file requirements (must have rules / component, e.g.)

Rating to Find Good Content

All games on ThisIsFanMade have a star rating system, allowing you to find good games, as well as leave your own feedback.

Download Counter

All games are tracked by a Download Monitor that shows how many times was a game downloaded. This simple feature will help you find the trending games on ThisIsFanMade.

Bookmark Favorite Games

Found a game you want to check out later? Save it to your Favorites List! Now you can easily visit that game’s page when you want.

Message Other Users

Available as a premium feature, you can send messages to any user on ThisIsFanMade. Start a conversation, exchange feedback, come up with ideas and even create a variant together!

Join The Designer’s Archive

Allow users to find you (and your games) by joining ThisIsFanMade’s Designers’ Archive. Here you can search and browse other users, as well as contact them once upgraded to a premium membership.

Your Own FMCB Account – New!

As of version 2.0 ThisIsFanMade has its own FMCB- Fan Made Central Bank. With its own currency- the Fan Made Dollar (FMD), members can earn and trade virtual currency with one another.

About me

My name is Tomer, and I’m from Israel. I’m 20 years old and currently serving in the IDF. I have a passion for board games, and enjoy creating my own variants for my gaming group.

I decided to build ThisIsFanMade.org around the end of 2020, with a goal of creating a free directory and listing site for homemade variants.

I have big plans for this website, and a handful of crazy ideas I want to implement in the future. That said, I’m always happy to hear what you think.

For any ideas or questions, you can reach me here: